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Listen To The Voice Of The Future


I believe that we can experience, and live in, the present, the past and the future, and that where we place our intention depends on the kind of future we create.  I believe that they are all possibilities, and that they are available to us as if they are happening all at once in the timeless space between the known and the unknowable.

There are aspects of us that have had already many experiences, life time after life time, as our soul grows and evolves.  There are aspects of our ancestors lives that still live within our DNA, encoded down the generations, helpful or unhelpful, always meant to be an opportunity to adapt and evolve as a species.

We are magnificent adaptors; we have survived as a species, and we will go on adapting, upgrading and surviving; co creating the multiverse that we live in, whether we are conscious of this or not.  If we were conscious of our creation, we would have to ask today ‘what on earth have we created?’  In tthe words of Jesus ‘forgive them Father, for they know not what they do’ ; there lies the key to moving on.  Forgiveness.  Forgiving ourselves because we did not know, we all do the best we can with the knowledge available to us at the time.  Forgiving others for the same reason, and at the same time, when we forgive others we not longer need to hold onto the suffering, the resentmment, or any bitterness.  We free ourselves,, and we set all beings free.  

With freedom comes responsibility.  I see this not as a burden, but as the ability to respond differently.  To choose a different path; not the path of poison, but the path of peace.
From a peaceful place we can sit in stillness, and that’s the place where we can listen.  Listening not to the ego.. whose role it is to keep us safe, and keep the status quo in place.. but listening to the heart of us, to that place where we are all one.  Where we are all one single cell of the great being that we call humanity.  From that still and peaceful place we can journey forwards into the future and connect with the ‘us’ that survived these times.  We can then bring from there what we need now in order to thrive, to flourish, to evolve and grow into the best version of humanity that we can imagine.

For me, this is the place where inspiration comes from. We cannot be inspired when we are fearful, or attached to the pain and suffering that have inflicted on ourselves and each other.  We cannot be inspired when we want to recreate the past as if it were somehow more delightful than the present.  We cannot be inspired if we are full of ourselves, and our desires and addictions for more of anything that distracts, and detracts us from our magnificence as human (and at the same time) spiritual beings.

Inspiration comes as a muse to guide us, and we must allow ourselves to be taken; to ride that wave of light, to travel across the rainbow bridge to the place where everything is and at the same time is not.

What we discover there in that place is that everything in the universe, in the multiverse, begins as pure light, pure energy that has not been touched by our humanness.  Every single thing that has ever been created began as light in this realm. The essence of everything is made of light.  And when we visit this place we can connect with, and call upon, the aspect of us that is light, the essence of us that has not yet become form.  Here we can be encoded, downloaded with what we need in order to create our future self, and bring that into being right now.

When we recieve these codes of light from this realm, we are being downloaded with information, which we take in through the simple act of breathing, and of being, and believing…. then we are inspired to create.  


What we need then is our imagination.  Imagine what we could create if we all knew that all we had to do was invite in that aspect of us that is waiting for us to reunite with our essence, our light!  When we do, our imagination begins to make into form that which until now has been formless… and for each of us it’s unique.  Our creativity depends on the channel through which this information flows.. that’s our body, our soul and our mind.  We were always meant to be unique, individual and full of meaning and purpose, with a passion for something, and a way to express ourselves.  By using our inspiration plus our imagination, we are also beginning to co create with our source self, our future self.. the future that we want to step into now.


Now we need our intuition.. the ability to listen to the inner prompts, and ask ourselves; ‘is this for me to do?’  ‘Is this wise?’

Our intuition is like an inner compass, that gives us feedback… a good feeling is good feedback!   Our intuition is linked to our feeling body… the joy and lightness in our hearts tells us we are on track, or the tightness or heavy feeling in our belly gives us a warning sign… and so our bodies are great feedback if we choose to listen.


Finally, we make the dream a reality by taking action, the action that we are instinctively compelled to take.

We make that phone call, we write that email, we make an effort that might take us outside of our comfort zone, but we know that each step we take brings us closer to making the dream a reality.

A dream without action is only a daydream
Action without a dream is just a task
A dream with action will change the world! 

When we are aligned with a future that willl serve all humanity for generations to come, in service, in wisdom and with love.. magic will happen.. this is my dream!


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