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A New Story

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time.. not all that long ago in the big scheme of things…. it was a fact that the world was flat.  Everyone knew that it was flat.. and if you set sail and disappeared over the horizon you were lost forever, because of course you had dropped off the edge of the world.  This was true, and the proof was that no-one ever came back!!  And so it was.  (Of course, in my imagination I can see why no-one ever returned… because over the other side of this beautiful blue green planet they had found a tropical island full of mango trees, coconut palms, avocados and pineapples all in abundance  – who would want to come back??!!)

And here’s another story….

Once upon a time… and not all that long ago in the big sheme of things… it was a fact that the sun revolved around the earth, and the earth was at the centre of the Universe (and by default so were we!).  However, I think it was Galileo who discovered by extensive research of the stars, the planets and the cosmos, that in fact it was the earth that revolved around the sun.. so that the sun was at the centre of the Universe… and we, sadly, were not as important as we thought we were in the big scheme of things.  When Galileo discovered this… and spoke out about his discovery… he was imprisoned… presumably because his version of reality now did not agree with the church.. and he was probably labelled a heretic.. a liar and a trouble maker….   until that is … finally it was proved beyond all reasonable doubt that his theory was right.

Facts are facts.. until they are proved otherwise.  We live in an ever expanding, ever changing universe… and sometimes the evolution of our planet happens in great leaps… when how we thought things were.. becomes obsolete.  It’s shocking to some, to find out that things are not as they appear to be.  We want to grasp on to what we know so badly that we will do anything to hold to the ‘truth’ that we think is reality… rather than risk seeing that all along we were wrong.. misinformed, misguided.. or simply did not know.  Once we know… we can’t unknow… we can pretend we don’t… we can put our heads in the sand..  we can argue that facts are facts.. but when the facts don’t hold up… …  what then?

This is where we are right now.  At the edge of a giant leap.. away from an old story… a story that is worn out and no longer fits who we are becoming.  Still, we want to believe in it.. because what we don’t know is what the new story looks like… and frankly we can’t know.    We are at that same moment in time…when we were told the world was round… we haven’t believed this thought before… we don’t know what that means for us… but as the light of awareness dawns.. and we are given more proof.. more and more of us can begin to take on this new story.  

I see this is what is happening.  These times have been prophesied by all the ancient traditions…  we are making a quantum leap.. and we have no idea where we are going so it’s hard to envision a new story that hasn’t been told yet.

Where we are is in the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes.. fairy tales are great resources, tell us what we need to know.. they are maps that can guide us through difficult times.  In the story of the Emperors’ New Clothes the lone boy sees that the Emperor has been duped by the tailors, and though he thinks and believes he looks glorious in his beautiful clothes woven in gold… in fact he is naked.  However because he believes it so strongly, and because he is the king, everyone believes exactly what he does… only the innocent child can see the truth.  This is where we are.. the eyes of the innocent are what is needed… not the eyes of the status quo.  

We have arrived here at this moment in time… at the edge of a new era.. to be the eyes of the innocent.  Don’t let’s be the lone voice.. let’s join hands and become a voice for change.. not by rebelling, although for some of us this is our mission, but by holding a vision of how we want the world to look… and keeping that vision in our awareness, strong and unshakeable… despite what we see in our world.    It’s time to wipe the fairydust from our sleep drenched eyes, wake up and stand for what we really want, based on our values as a sentient human being, and our ethics as caring souls who are here to make a difference, let’s focus on what we truly believe is possible.  

Dreamweavers, artists, poets, writers, musicians, storytellers, healers, shamans let’s all reach out for each others hands so that we know we are not alone in this.. because we are many now.. .and we can do this together.  Don’t let’s waste any more time and energy on how things are, or have been.  It’s time to nourish and nurture all those seeds we have planted in the wild edges.. so that they grow strong and flourish in the time to come.  We are needed now more than at any other time… let’s do this in whatever way works for each of us..  brave, courageous souls.. i truly thank you all for your contribution to our world…  support and encouragement for each other is really needed now..  with huge love and respect for all of you, who like me, are standing in the fires of transformation.. and holding our own.  Blessings on our work.


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