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“Lying flat on my back for 16 days back in 1980 something, I was in so much physical pain that I could not move.  It was then that I began to realize that I needed to change my life!  I had been literally ‘floored’!  Stopped in my tracks.  I had nowhere to run, or hide.

“It wasn’t by chance that during that time I came across a reflexologist who helped me to see that this was a turning point in my life. As a result of that meeting, and the healing that followed, I trained to become a reflexologist.  My healers journey had begun and everything changed.

“Over the course of the next few years, I noticed that some clients healed and others did not. My curiosity and desire to be of service led me to explore all kinds of therapeutic processes… counselling, gestalt, person centered therapy, psychosynthesis.  It was a great help in understanding how the mind affected the body.  And I noticed that now I was able to help more people to heal.. and yet I noticed that still some clients did not.

“My wondering about this led me fully into the healing arts and I began to understand  that we each have a soul’s journey. I had to ask myself: ‘Why am I here?’  ‘What am I meant to be doing with my life?’ 

“At the level of the soul I needed to know that my life has meaning and purpose beyond the everyday, and I learned that creative expression is vital to my wellbeing, as is finding a meaning and purpose that fits who I am. During this time I had many teachers. I trained to be a yoga teacher, I discovered 5 Rhythms dance, and explored ways to use my voice… each time reaching out beyond my comfort zone, beyond who I thought I was.. to discover aspects of me that had been hidden or suppressed in the simple act of living this everyday reality.

“My wondering led me to run a women’s group for ten years. I wanted to explore what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Together, we explored the sacred feminine, the goddess, the myths that we live by, we explored sacred landscapes, ceremony and ritual and found  ways to connect with Mother Earth, a connection lost in working world today. During those years I took groups on Outward Bound courses in the landscape of Dartmoor. It was as much my journey as it was for those who shared it with me. We all learned a lot about ourselves, about what we were truly capable of. Incredible transformations took place in us all. Above all I learned the resilience of the human spirit, how stepping beyond fear creates inner trust and confidence… and that when we truly face our fears and embrace them we liberate ourselves then our presence liberates others.

“Finally my journey led me to Shamanic Training. I have worked with a number of shaman in my life, and now, Incorporating the processes and techniques that I have learned both from the Inca tradition and many other great teachers along the way, I have developed a training which is powerful, beautiful and for me is the final piece in the puzzle.

“Working at the level of energy affects all of the bodies: the soul’s journey, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. I have also learned on this journey that it is a sacred journey, a journey towards wholeness… and the more I heal of myself, the more I affect those around me in a positive, life enriching way.

“This is the work that I do in the world, it’s the gift that I bring.

“My medicine stones form a powerful healing tool called a Mesa.

“My Mesa contains the wisdom that comes from my personal healing, the transformation of old worn-out stories of powerlessness, turned into power; of pain and suffering turned into compassion; and ancient wisdom handed down through the ages, through a lineage of medicine men and women whose grace, dignity and childlike innocence reminds me of what we have lost in the Western world.

“And now I teach others how to build theirs.”

Alex Greaves

Nature Connection & Medicine Wheel teaching team

To me the medicine continues to deepen my connection with everything around me, and my own true nature…playfully and with sweetness, and as such enriches my life beyond measure!

Jessica Mallock

Medicine Wheel teaching team

For me, following a path with the Medicine of Spirit of the Inca has led me to a place of deep beauty, reverence compassion, fierceness. Daily, I fall to my knees in wonderment at the love without out condition I experience in my life on this beautiful mother earth.

Wendy Sullivan

Medicine Wheel teaching team

This medicine has deepened and enriched all my connections, in all ways. It has brought me home, and shown me how to expand into the freedom, beauty and joy of life. Being able to share this medicine is a heart opening experience.

Liz Brown

Office angel

For me, this medicine is a beautiful way to support people creating a bridge to step into who they wish to be in the world. This tradition comes from a beautiful land and its beautiful people.

Edwina Craciun

Social media maestro

To me this Medicine is life. It is where I found my healing, my nature, my essence, my purpose. I found infinite love and freedom, health and abundance, support and grace.

Siena Barnes

Artist in residence

What does this medicine mean to me?
The medicine is a mirror, reflecting my purpose and truth.
The shamanic path teaches me to celebrate my flaws and trust my instincts.
For the first time in my life, I have permission to dream, play, and use my voice for the highest good.
At Spirit of the Inca, I have found integrity, wonder and friendship.

“I highly recommend taking the journey of this course to everyone! My personal work through the guidance and teachings of my teachers and the support of the whole group has truly utterly transformed my existence! It has made sense of everything for me, all the pieces unified! If you feel the call follow it...it will lead you to your gold”
- Ellie