Spirit Of The Inca

Space Clearing

Why Spaces Need Clearing, and How We Do It

Our role is to listen sensitively to the stories of the buildings that we are invited to clear, and also to the land that holds both these buildings and you. It’s our task to bring to light that which has been hidden, and to reveal and resolve the energies that are impacting adversely on the place and the people who live or work there.

As we space clear, we look for patterns that might match and support, or hinder you in your work, your relationships, your family, in your quest for peace and harmony. Here we speak of home, but we might also mean the home of your work, or your business. We work with the notion that not only do we choose our home, but equally our home chooses us.

Our home should support and serve us in our lives. Sometimes, this may not be the case — and then it’s our task then to look deeper beyond the external and listen to the stories that have become embedded in the fabric of the building, and the land on which it stands. We need to know what a house or building is trying to tell us.

There are subtle and invisible energies, and even discarnate beings, that linger on long after a person has left a space or this world.

When there is discord, trauma or other negative energies brought into a space, such energies can stay embedded in the fabric of the building for years. The same applies to when someone’s life comes to an end and for whatever reason, they are unable to move on from this world properly so they can remain stuck in a space as a discarnate soul.

When children leave home, when there’s a divorce, or conflict, disharmony, an accident, where there is trauma, disease or soul loss in the people who live or work there, the building will hold these low frequency and harmful energies.

What is fascinating to us as space clearers is that energies still lingering in the place will certainly have an affinity, a resonance, with some aspect of the lives of the building’s owners, as they move into that place. Like attracts like — the world will always provide you a reflection of what is currently unresolved within you. For some, holding to low frequency, negative energies is preferable to setting themselves free from them.

Our role is to see how we can help to resolve any issues that are creating disharmony or chaos within a home or workplace. As we do this, you will be helped to resolve and heal the effects on your relationships and working life.

We believe that these intrusive and unhelpful energies are a call for resolution and for healing. Just as they are when we discover them within the energy field of our clients during our healing sessions.

Our task is to release anything causing disruption from a space so that peace and harmony can be restored. As a team, we each have specific roles that we play as we connect and listen to the stories that live within the people, the house and the land.

We communicate with the heart and soul of the building and the land, and look at how we can resolve that which needs resolution, and heal that which needs healing, and sensitively communicate this to our clients.

How Do We Clear Spaces?

We use tools such as:

  • Crystals
  • Drums
  • Rattles
  • Singing bowls
  • Bells
  • Voice
  • Speaking aloud the story of the place

We go from room to room, tuning into each space, gathering up the stories and clearing any intrusive energies that we find.

We release intrusive energies home to source, where they are received back into the arms of their ancestors. We do not banish intrusive energies, they are simply energies that have been caught in the wrong place. Seeking home or healing, they can find themselves trapped inside houses and buildings unable to be heard or seen.

Once we have done this, we then take time to work with our clients, to see where they have been blocked, out of balance, out of sorts with themselves and each other, unable to fulfil their purpose for being here on earth.

Here we use a range of shamanic practices to transform not just the home or the building but also to bring harmony and peace to the relationships of those who live and work there.

We use the following as part of the process to bring resolution and transformation:

  • Illumination
  • Extractions and soul retrieval processes
  • Despacho and fire ceremonies

Our homes are sacred places. If we are willing to listen to the stories that our home is reflecting back to us, then we can gather much greater insight and more understanding of ourselves, and the relationships that we act out within these walls through this powerful and transformational work.

We ensure that we have both the time and the resources required to discern what your home or workplace is trying to teach you about yourself, what story it wants to reveal so that your own quest for peace and harmony at home can be supported by our interventions.

We have a holistic approach to space clearing that covers the physical aspects, the emotional aspects and the soul’s journey of you and your home, as well as the energetics of your home.

This is deep energy healing work.

It usually takes at least a full day on-site, plus for us as a team a day of preparation and a day afterwards to complete our written recommendations to you going forwards. We will also use this time to complete our own personal work to rebalance and cleanse our own luminous energy fields since we are likely to have been working with energetic imbalances that may go back hundreds of years and involve a number of people both current inhabitants and those long since passed.

Your participation in and commitment to the process is essential, as is the participation of all those who live and work with you in that place.

“...Here is this space I was able to express my Self...it was all heard and held in the most beautiful and nonjudgmental way, an environment that I had never experienced before…I have come to know more of who I am… For me, this is about me Being it in everything I do…This wheel has given me my Responsibility back and allowed me to step away from the Role of Victim... What I have learned most from this medicine though, is the ability to let myself be vulnerable and to allow my heart to be open to people and my surroundings and to connect to my World from this place...it has been the Greatest Journey of my Life.”
- Samara Jacobs

Moving Forwards, What Comes Next?

The energetic matrix of your home has been reset. It no longer holds the old ways of being in place, and will no longer be calling you to stick with what once held and the issues this has caused for you in the past.

Our recommendations are likely to follow the archetypical energies that we work with.

At the level of serpent, the physical, we are likely to make some literal and physical recommendations for you. This perhaps involving physical changes in your home or your land. Examples from past clients including a recommendation to change the colour of the walls in a particular room. We have recommended that water wells covered and uncelebrated are instead brought back to life.

At the level of jaguar, the place of emotions and the mind, you will find your mind is clearer and more able to focus on the new. This is an issue of personal responsibility — you are responsible for your own thoughts and feelings. That might involve sharing together in a different way the story of what is going on for each person involved, with honesty with both with yourselves and with each other. What this might look like is:

  • “This is what happened as I see it”
  • “This is what I’m feeling and this is what I’m telling myself“
  • “I wonder if something different might be possible?”

And if you can share together without judgement or drama, listening with kindness and compassion, at the place of hummingbird, something new is likely to emerge. Once you are in this more connected and nourished state, your collective clarity of vision and path forward for yourselves together and individually will become clearer, or at least you’ll be taking the first steps towards this.

At the level of eagle-condor, the energetic matrix of your space has been reset, so it will no longer hold the old ways in place for you. You are now free of the ties and entanglements of the old stories of the house, the land, of previous owners, and even your own personal histories.

This is why this work is so powerful and can enable a huge shift to occur in all areas of your life. The home reflects the self so completely that when we do this work with you, there is a profound opportunity to create something new and powerful because it is in ayni with your true selfs.

It is an honor and a privilege to be invited into someone’s home or workspace. We are here to support you in this transitional process, and this is part of the service we provide.