Spirit Of The Inca

Answering The Call

Somewhere deep inside we know there’s another dream, another possibility of who we could become; not just on a personal level, but as a species: another way to live, another way to express our humanness; and when we don’t live our dream, or fulfill our destiny, we can get sick and tired, full of regret and disappointment in the ways things turned out, disheartened; which means our hearts are never truly in what we are doing, or the life we are living. This is the very moment when we have the chance to make a change, to listen to the still small voice within that calls us to an adventure… and every great adventure begins with a call.

When the time is right our soul begins to whisper its intentions, encouraging us to step across the bridge from where we are to where we want to be: into our authentic and genuine life, our unique gift, and to live the life we came to live, to step beyond what we know and evolve and grow.

Maybe the call comes like a whisper hardly audible in our busy lives. Maybe we refuse to listen to the call, even refuse the call itself. Excuses will show up; ‘No I’m too busy, my life is too hectic, I have too much to do here, I have too many other responsibilities’. Maybe we say to ourselves that following our calling, responding to our heart song, isn’t realistic.

The call to evolve and grow can come from within, or if we aren’t good listeners it may come from the outside.. a note, a song, a snatch of conversation, a message from the ‘sacred other’ that comes to us on the wind, or in the sound of the river, or even written on the page as you open a book at random. Sometimes, if we are really ‘hard of hearing’ it will come as a discomfort, an illness, a dis-ease that incapacitates us and then the message gets louder and more insistent until we are ready to hear it, and even then we may not want to respond.

Maybe it feels too much of a challenge and so we busy our lives even more so that we can’t hear the whisper, until eventually it becomes a loud voice that breaks through our comfort zone, often bringing with it a crisis of some sort to wake us up from the illusion that we have been living and bring us back to the real purpose of our lives

When we answer the call of our soul, the next step in the journey is to leave the comfort of what we know, and set off across unknown seas. We embark on a journey of self-discovery. Discovering what we are truly capable of, growing into the person we came to be. It’s an inward journey and when we decide to listen to and follow our heart song, we find the path that leads to the joy of living a wholehearted and meaningful life. The epic journey is the souls journey… what did we come here to be, to do? What was our mission here on earth? What was the real story that brought us here?

It could be that in the beginning, when we set out, we don’t even know what it is we are searching for, but it’s mostly the thought that comes like a quiet whisper in the still moments of our lives… ‘Is this all there is?’ or ‘Was this supposed to be my life?’ We may be haunted by a sense that there is something missing in our lives, but we’re not even sure what it is.

The fact is that most of us refuse the call because we fear the changes that it may bring… we imagine an upheaval, an up turning of our comfortable world, but more than this we fear letting go of what we know… leaving the safety of the shore to set sail across the unknown seas. To answer the call of our soul is the biggest challenge of all. But we can be sure that our soul will call us on… call us to grow – not a better life, not a bigger life, but a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

I believe that deep within us we have a seed that holds the blueprint of who we might become, and just like the acorn that holds the template of the oak tree that it will eventually grow into… we have the possibility to grow into the greatest version of ourselves: the person we were always meant to be, a chance to live the real story that brought us here. We might call this seed our destiny.

This is the path of courage. Courage to answer the calling of our soul, courage to say ‘yes’ wholeheartedly and show up, courage to make a difference in our world.

It feels to me that this is where we are in our lives, I certainly feel that in these days of lockdown ‘pandemonium’ we are all learning that there is more to life.. many of us are learning new skills, new ways of being that mean that the old ways become redundant. It’s interesting to see where this will lead us all as we step into the unknown future that is calling us all towards our destiny as a species. There are some that say that this virus is an ‘upgrade’, and I’m really happy to see it as that. This time has been spoken of as the Great Turning time; we are the turning of the tide… and we are the light that’s deep inside.. this light is a beacon of hope … and it’s important to nurture it, and to keep it alive as we step bravely into the unknown together.



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