Spirit Of The Inca

Would You Like to Create a Brighter Future?
Would You Like to Be More Balanced, Centered and Energized?
Do You Want to Expand Your Sense of Who You Are and What You Are Capable of?

Let the next stage of your journey towards the best version of you begin with this system of ancient and modern healing practices, empowering courses, progressing training, transformative workshops and journeys specifically designed to help you grow in spirit.

Learn to build a future where you will make a constructive impact in your life and in our world, leaving a positive footprint in the new earth that is emerging.

What You Will Achieve With Us

Create a fulfilling and authentic future
Feel more alive and connected
Make a positive impact in the world
Increase balance in your mind, life and heart

What You Will Receive From Us

  • Simple practical techniques for healing the body, mind and soul
  • Shamanic practitioner training
  • Accessible workshops and courses for everyone
  • Connection to the living lineage of Q’ero shaman
  • Transformational journeys to Peru
  • Learn the rites and rituals of the Inca tradition
  • Fire Ceremonies and other in-person gatherings
  • Bring your home and office into balance and harmony with Space Clearing


“Do what you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life!” 🙂 There is a lot of power in finding what you truly love, making it your path and sharing it with the world… in doing so your personal calling and path becomes trans-personal and can benefit others. This is an act of compassion 🙂 I am so grateful that you answered and followed your calling Chris, it deeply and profoundly changed my life (as well as for many others I’m sure!) and allowed me to find and answer my calling Thank you! ❤️ x”

Gabriel Tamaya

Are The Wounds of Your Past Holding You Back From a Brighter Future?

For most people, unfortunately the answer is likely to be yes. Thankfully, our years of experience and Ancient Wisdom Teachings have shown us many times that these wounds can be healed.

That's Where We Come In

Based on the energy medicine of the Inca tradition, every aspect of our work invites you to feel more alive, more connected, more at home in your body; more confident and at ease in your mind and in your heart.

Finding your 'Home'

This is a leadership training that starts with healing the wounds that hold you back. As we guide you through your journey with us, through the Medicine Wheel programme of training, through intro days, and online zoom sessions, sacred journeys, fire ceremonies and despachos, you are gaining a connection with your ‘tribe’ and everyone who joins us says the same thing “I feel like I have found home”.

Home is your safe place from which you can emerge into the world, you are supported and held as you take those steps towards finding the best version of you that you can be. Over the many years of facilitating this beautiful medicine wheel journey, in all its different aspects, I have witnessed life affirming transformations in those who show up for this great healing journey – a journey to wholeness – a journey that allows you to see your true gift and take that out into the world. A journey home to the soul self that has been waiting for you.

Find Positive Growth With Our Upcoming Events

We have events for all levels of experience – from curious beginners to seasoned practitioners, and everything from online classes that you can attend from home for a couple of hours, through to the year-long Medicine Wheel training, or a 15-day journey with us to Peru.