Spirit Of The Inca

The heart of the shaman

Each year, I teach a series of two-hour online workshops that give you the foundations of the Medicine Wheel. These classes are open to everyone, no experience is necessary. I’d love for you to join me. In this tradition, the foundations are not something you ever ‘graduate’ from – no matter how long we have been connected to this lineage, or how many times we have been around the Medicine Wheel, these foundations are always fundamental to our practice, and so you’ll often find members of my teaching teams, or Medicine Wheel students past and present in these classes too! And we all learn something new, including me!

But most of all, it’s about creating a community, a tribe, or a village, of kindred spirits, of people who want to create change – in ourselves, and in the world around us. And the magic of these foundation classes is that you’ll learn simple but powerful techniques that you can take away and use to do just that. They are simple and powerful, they don’t require specialist equipment (a stone or two from your garden is I think the most you’ll require!)

What I teach in these classes is what this lineage is about; what a Medicine Wheel is; I’ll teach you all about the archetypical energies that we work with; the rites and rituals of the Inca tradition; and a I’ll share some powerful and transformative processes that are yours to take away.

Each time I teach this online series is slightly different, depending on what feels most relevant to me when I’m putting the class together. But it’s a great way to dip your toe into the deep waters of this wonderful healing lineage, a great introduction if you are considering joining the Medicine Wheel practitioner training in the spring, and a great way to stay connected to this lineage of you have already been around the Medicine Wheel with us.

I look forward to sitting around the virtual fire with you!

“I highly recommend taking the journey of this course to everyone! My personal work through the guidance and teachings of my teachers and the support of the whole group has truly utterly transformed my existence! It has made sense of everything for me, all the pieces unified! If you feel the call follow it...it will lead you to your gold”
- Ellie