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Peru Journey 2019

Discover the magic, the power and the beauty of this
ancient medicine tradition with
and our

✨2019 dates to be announced soon✨

We are really excited about the experience that we are offering over this 17-day trip to the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca. Please email Chris if you'd like more details or if you would like to come with us!

Every journey is different. Next year, we visit the Sacred Valley and the sea at the top of the world, Lake Titicaca emcompassing the three worlds of the Inca tradition: the Underworld (the Ukupacha), the Middle World (Kaypacha) and the Upper World (Hanaqpacha).

We travel with our shaman, the Q'ero... and as we make our way up through the Sacred Valley of the Inca, following the course of the River Urubamba from Pisaq to Machu Picchu. And we are delighted that we will also be in the company of our friend, guide and shaman Jorge Luis Delgado, who will be with us for most of our days in Peru.

This is a unique and special trip of a lifetime, walking with the shaman of the Sacred Lalley and lake Titicaca, experiencing something of what it means to walk a medicine path.. our sacred journey with kindred spirits.


As we travel together up the Sacred Valley, our journey will honour the elements of water, earth, fire and air... and our connection to each other and to the mountain presence that brings us home. Everywhere we go we will be creating ceremony; in caves, in waterfalls, in the landscape, at lakes... healing our relationship to the earth, and our brothers and sisters of this human family; bringing right-relationship to ourselves and all Mother Earth's creations.

We visit with the colourful markets at Pisaq, and Cuzco, and the beautiful temple to the feminine at Moray, where we can sit in the landscape of circles and truly connect with the pachamama.

We will hold sacred healing ceremonies  before we step onto the crystal city that is Machu Picchu. There at dawn, we honour the sun as it rises above the mountain, fingers of light spreading across this extraordinary landscape, carved from the jungle.


We travel from Cuzco to Lake Titicaca through the landscape of the Altiplano, following the ley lines, and stopping at temples and sacred sites along the way.

We take a boat across the Lake to the beautiful island of Amantani, where we are welcomed into the homes of these kind-hearted islanders. Staying with familites here is a great lesson in simplicity, beauty and generosity of spirit. In the evening here we do ceremony as the sun sets across the sea at the top of the world.. this is truly a magical experience.

At Lake Titicaca we travel together over the back of the puma to arrive at the Gateway to the Gods, where we have an opportunity to make our own cosmic connections in this extraordinary place where we can step through this Doorway into realms beyond ordinary time and space...

The Chulpas at Molloco is where we release that which no longer serves us; at Sillustani, we connect with the ancient ones, those who have gone before us... and the Children of the Sun, those who come after us.

We will visit places in this extraordinary landscape where we can use the ancient altars to Mother Earth and Father Sun to harmonize these energies that dance within us. Together we also travel to other, more secret places,,, places where few tourists go, and where we will find waterfalls, and caves and lakes that call us to ceremony... to honour our relationship with the earth and the natural world.


This journey is open to all, and will be a mix of those who are stepping into this lineage with us for the first time, and those who have already begun to walk the medicine path with us and who wish to bring their medicine to life in the land that birthed the practices and teachings that already inform their work in the world.

We are looking forward to working with you to make the most of this pilgrimage, a journey of a lifetime.


The total cost is comprised of a non-refundable £500 deposit, plus a fee of $2,500 (single room supplement is $480). We will send you information on the flights that we recommend that you book, and our general guideline for spending money is roughly £400 to £600 depending on your own budget, which you'll want to have mostly in Peruvian Sols.

We organise the entire trip: all of our hotels, our train tickets, every step of the journey is held waiting for you... all you need to book for yourself are your flights, both international and within Peru.

INCLUDED IN THE COST: all your accommodation in beautiful hotels, breakfasts, together with some lunches and most evening meals (though on some of our days together we take some free meal times and make our own individual arrangements); all boat and coach journeys; all visits to sacred sites.

NOT INCLUDED: your flights, insurance, some lunchtime and evening meals (around £5-£10 per meal), shopping 😁 You will need extra money for healing sessions with the shaman ($50). Some bottled water is included but you will also need to take advantage of the regular opportunities to keep your own good stock of water and soft drinks; tips for our drivers. Once we reach Lake Titicaca, your bed and full board (aside from water) is included.

Email:  Chris for more information and to book for 2019.