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Getting to the Heart of the Shaman…

Join me online, Tuesday 3 October to Tuesday 28 November.
7pm-9pm (UK), 9pm-11pm (Romania)

This autumn, I’m inviting you into the Heart of the Shaman, offering eight steps along the Path of the Inca Wisdom Teachings. Awakening that spark of divinity that sits within all our hearts, that spark that makes us all so unique and creative each in our own way. Let all our hearts awaken to the new possibility of who we could be, and how together we can co-create a new and more life-enriching story for the future of our families, our communities and ultimately for our world.

Learn how to come back into balance and harmony with this series of evenings designed to open the door to the Inca Medicine Wheel teachings. Each week we offer you a pathway that leads you across the threshold to help you discover for yourself the heart of this particular shamanic tradition.

You will learn some beautiful processes that are simple and practical and yet profoundly transformational. Practices that leave you with a deep feeling of inner peace, harmony and balance. Processes that you can take away and bring into your everyday life. 
This is an opportunity to re-discover inner harmony, peace, calm and balance in your world, and a connection to other like-minded individuals who will be sitting with you in this virtual circle every Tuesday evening.

There is a discounted subscription rate to join us for all eight sessions, or join us week-by-week online, from the comfort of your own home, whenever you can at £25 per class. All links and details below…

The Path of the Earthkeeper

Tue 3 October, 7pm-9pm UK/9pm-11pm Ro

The ancient peoples left us maps to guide us, to help us to navigate challenging times, and teach us how to stay in balance and harmony so that we would be able to hold a still note and a vision of the future within the turmoil and upheaval of the present. 

The Medicine Wheel is a map of human consciousness, a journey of growth and evolution. 

A map is always helpful when we feel lost, or stuck, when we can’t seem to find our way forward, or when we find ourselves going round in circles. Maps are useful, they help us to find our way, show us directions, but more useful still is to walk the territory, to experience first-hand the landscape; that way the map becomes a living experience, alive and dynamic.

Tonight we invite you to step with us into this map and discover this unique and powerful tradition that has inspired our own souls journey to wholeness. You will learn all about sacred space, and we’ll guide you on a journey around this beautiful medicine wheel that is a bridge (chakana) from where you are now, to where you would like to be.

The Path of Power

Tue 10 October, 7pm-9pm UK/9pm-11pm Romania

When we shift our perspective, the world around us also changes, and we can find that something that once appeared impossible or hopeless is suddenly transformed so that we see the gift in our situation, and an opportunity for something new to emerge.

The Archetypes that we work with in our Medicine Wheel training – Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Eagle-Condor – help us to see our world through new eyes, to shift our perspective from one that feels caught in reaction to one that instead helps to restore balance and harmony. These lenses are powerful and transformational… and tonight you will discover how to use them. These are the forces of nature, the same forces that create everything in the Universe. Serpent helps us to see what is actually happening; Jaguar helps us to see where we are caught in a drama; through the eyes of Hummingbird we see a new possibility, the gift and the learning, and here we find the nectar, the joy and sweetness of life; and Eagle-Condor helps us to soar and see the big picture from the place of pure energy. This evening you will discover how to use these archetypical energies to shift your awareness, and your mindset from victimhood to empowerment. You’ll learn a powerful process that you can use in your everyday life and you will take away a meditation to help you see the world through these new eyes.

The Path of Healing

Tue 24 October, 7pm-9pm UK/9pm-11pm Romania 

The Kuya Limpia taught to us by the Q’ero shamans is an ancient energy healing that invokes the body’s innate ability to heal itself. In today’s modern world this beautiful process is something that costs nothing and invokes powerful healing whilst creating a great sense of well-being.

For this class, you’ll need to have with you TWO STONES that fit into the palm of your hand (not too big, and not too tiny) and which you can handle easily. (Or your Mesa, if you have begun or completed the Medicine Wheel & Healing Tools training with us.) Another of our allies in this tradition are the stone people. The stone people, with their ancient, quiet and powerful wisdom, can help us to keep the energy body clear of heavy energies (’hucha‘ in the Quechuan language), and this process can help to remove pain and discomfort from the body. The stone people are known as ‘record keepers’; they remember really well – the most important wisdoms have throughout history been drawn or carved into stone – and they can also help to remind us of our true nature.

Chris explains everything you’ll need to know in order to do this process for yourself and for those you share your life with.

The Path of Wisdom

Tue 31 October, 7pm-9pm UK/9pm-11pm Romania 

Tonight the veils between the worlds thin, and we are able to connect more easily with those who have gone before us. We will be remembering our ancestors, those whose shoulders we stand on. Think for a moment about how many struggles, how many battles, how much sadness, happiness, love, stories and hope for the future that our ancestors had to undergo for us to exist today.

Their stories become our story… like ‘hand-me-downs’ from generation to generation. Some of them gave us gifts that perhaps we didn’t want to receive. Tonight we travel back in time to receive the gift of their wisdom, their love and their dreams and hopes for the future. Wisdom that we can use to call on a new destiny, and gifts with which to create a new path into the future that is different from the past.

The Path of Compassion

Tue 7 November, 7pm-9pm UK/9pm-11pm Romania 

This evening we share with you how to make what we call a sandpainting. We use nature as the landscape on which we paint whatever issues we are caught up in. When we are overwhelmed, when we are triggered, when we are obsessed with an issue that won’t go away, when our minds keep recycling things or when our fearful thoughts take over… then the sandpainting is a great practice to have. It keeps us out of the dramas that are ever present in our world and gives us a tool with which we can find compassion with ourselves, and gain some clarity, and a new perspective on our life. This is a life skill that works wherever you are, and is a great tool to teach your children too.

Tue 14 November, 7pm-9pm UK/9pm-11pm Romania

In a world full of external stimulus over which we have little or no control, we can find ourselves caught in fight/flight/freeze/faint response. When we are on red alert, we become hypervigilant and we tend to either obsessively worry over things, over-react to situations, or ‘check out’ energetically. Or, if we go to freeze/faint mode we might put our head in the sand, and disappear ourselves. All of these strategies are useful up to a point, but long term they use up too much of our available energy, it’s no wonder we can often feel exhausted by life!

This week you will learn how to shift from ‘worrier’ to ‘warrior’!

We will share with you a practice that disengages that fight/flight reflex when it’s switched on, using two of the archetypical allies that we work with: Jaguar and Eagle/Condor. You’ll learn how to come back into your body after a shock or trauma; how to bring yourself and others back into a calm and peaceful state; and how to bring yourself into right relationship with the Earth. 

The Path of Initiations

Tue 21 November, 7pm-9pm UK/9pm-11pm Romania 

This week, we focus on the importance of working at the mythic and how this helps us to stay out of the emotionally laden limbic brain. Chris tells the story of the energetic transmissions that we receive on our journey around the Medicine Wheel. We explore the meaning of the mesa, the medicine that it holds and the alchemical process of transformation that takes place as we build our personal stone altar. We spend a year creating it, and many more years developing it into a powerful tool for healing and transformation.

We will end the evening with a meditation that connects us with the Bands of Power and Protection, vital protection and support that we can rest in as we navigate these uncertain times. These bands not only support our journey through life, but also align us with the five elements so that we know with certainty that we are safe and held by the forces of nature.

The Path of Destiny

Tue 28 November, 7pm-9pm UK/9pm-11pm Romania 

At the heart of all shamanic traditions is journeying. What is so beautiful about the Inca tradition is that here we learn that we can journey not just into the past, but more importantly into the future to call forth our unique destiny; reclaiming our Sovereign Self… this is such a gift!

In this session we will journey to the Upper World, the place of our becoming to claim what we need from our future self: then we can call forth our destiny rather than continue to live from or recreate our past. Here we can source ourselves from our original template… who we were always meant to be… then we have all that we need in order to navigate this great turning time. No matter how challenging our life might feel, when we journey to meet with our future self, we can literally download something completely new and unknown into this present time… a destiny that isn’t informed by our past. In this week’s session we will journey to recover the aspects of us that we need in order to live our one true and precious life.

I do hope you can join me – I look forward to sitting around this virtual fire together in a group of kindred spirits! 

I am able to offer only a few classes each year that are open to everyone (no experience or prior knowledge is required!), so I really hope to see you for this online series  – especially if you’re considering joining us for the Medicine Wheel & Healing Tools training starting in April 2024 in the UK, or March 2024 in Romania.

The 8 sessions take place between TUE 3 OCT – TUE 28 NOV, 7pm-9pm UK time. If you’d like more details about the whole series, click the link below, and I’ll see you very soon!

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