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New Shoots Emerging...


We are at the end of an old era… I’m seeing the death spiral of the old patriarchal paradigms, the media, the politics; the old systems are crumbling perhaps too slowly. At the same time, i feel the emergence of new shoots, at the grass root level. We have been led by wounded Fisher Kings, who have lied and betrayed our good faith, lacking in integrity, or humility, or connection to the people they are meant to serve. When we fight, or kick against something, we tend to become the very thing we are fighting. When we get angry and fearful, we simply create more anger and fear in the world. I don’t believe this is helpful. What is helpful is to do our despair work, to grieve, to gnash our teeth at the injustice and the heartbreaking truth that we are ‘fodder’ for the elite class, and interestingly I feel in that way we have been enslaved in the system that we can do little about… on top of this we, the many, have been let down over and over again by the few. What we do now is really vital.


Buckminster Fuller says that what we need to do is to create a vision of a future that is so much more compelling… a vision that people will align with.. so that we become the magnet for a new way of living. It’s down to us! And to that end we have created a new facebook page, a vision board, where we can all contribute our vision for the future world to offset the main stream media dross, and the nightmare that we seem to be experiencing. In this group: Song of the Soul for Gaia, we will create an on going vision for a future that is very different from the past. We will call on and listen to the voice of the future.. ask the aspect of us that survived these times to inform us now so that as we move through this transition time, we will be guided by a new light that pierces through the veil of illusion and delusion that we have been under, and sets us all free to dream a new more beautiful dream for our world.


The days that follow this extraordinary experience of being in ‘lockdown’ all over the world, will be important days. Do we really want to go back to ‘normal’? Or do we want to change how we do what we do? It seems to me that we are being invited to re-envision our lives from the roots up. We are being invited to heal the deepest of wounds that we have inflicted on ourselves and each other. We are being compelled even, to step out of the old paradigms, old patterns, old beliefs that do not serve the whole of humanity… into the unified field where we are interdependent and connected to all life. Guardians of the earth, and of our human spirit… both of which are magnificent, ever changing, and ever evolving.


There are so many new shoots reaching for the light, new ideas, new structures that are emerging now, that we don’t hear of in the mainstream. Here’s just two that I know of, both women, who are pioneers and innovative thinkers.

Kate Raworth has developed what she calls Doughnut Economics, which is a new framework for sustainable development. It’s currently being introduced in Amsterdam as a way to meet the needs of the people, while maintaining ecological and sustainable boundaries. New and innovative thinking, that gives us a ray of hope for a world that is more caring and considerate of all the people in it.

Hilary Cottam is another ray of light, radical thinking and innovative, her work in reforming local communities has the potential to transform the outdated welfare state, creating a new way of working that relies entirely on human connection and a desire to participate and contribute to our communities … well that’s radical! Her latest book Radical Help is worth reading. These are two women that I know of that are making headway in redesigning how we live, how we relate, how we socialise, how re-connect, and offer a great solution to a future that is indeed different from the past.

So things are happening under the radar.. positive and innovative and we must add these to our dreaming. Because these are women making a difference already with these practical applications already taking root in our communities.. if a little slow in germinating, these seeds have great potential.

And of course, there is the permaculture culture which is growing exponentially.. and I believe that this is also where the future will take us.. growing our own food in a way that is totally in harmony with the earth. That has to be a good thing.

What we need above all is Faith.. faith in the fact that something greater is at work in our Universe, something that we can’t see, and do not know. This gives our ego an existential crisis! So we need to add Trust to Faith .. trust that all is exactly as it should be, that we are all on a great journey of awakening. Awakening to something so much bigger than we can imagine.. but what it requires of us is Courage.. courage to say ‘yes’ and take this quantum leap into who we are becoming…. even though we may not know where it leads..

So I will leave this blog here for now…. with these little seeds of hope.. that over time we will add to.. and please add your own dreamseeds to our group: Song of the Soul for Gaia.

Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/694184994751838/


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