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The Team

Over the last years I have been training people to become leaders in their own right, and what has emerged is a growing team of people who hold this medicine, who run workshops of their own, and also who help to grow this work in the world.  This team of people are those who have committed to this medicine path, and who have been around the Medicine Wheel many times in order to deepen their understanding of this work.   They help to teach during classes and courses, and they run their own workshops, ceremonies and courses.

The work of the medicine wheel requires us all to take full responsibility for ourselves in every aspect of our lives.  It also is a way to make a big difference in our world.. simply by doing our personal work and raising the vibration that we put out into the world.

Science is beginning to catch up now with what the mystics and shaman have always known.. that we are connected by invisible threads of energy, that we are all a unique expression of the one heart, the one voice. . We understand that when we heal our personal wounds,  we are also healing backwards and forwards through time.  Clearing the way for our ancestors, and for those who come after us.

No one comes to the shamanic path that hasn't experienced some kind of crisis, or trauma.. ..our path has never been an easy one...  but the very fact that we have sought out solutions, and assistance along the way ensures that we have grown compassion and understanding for the journey, and this makes us available as a gift to those in need of guidance and reassurance along the path of life.


I am happy to introduce to you the teams that I have trained both in UK and in Romania

Should you wish to find out more about the training, about the practices and about the Way of the Shaman you can call on any one of us and we will be happy to share our stories.



My personal journey has led me to explore and do training in Gestalt psychotherapy and counselling, working for many years in the field of substance misuse and then in primary care as a practice counsellor.   Around 1996 I started teaching yoga and also began practicing reiki. Both of these took me on a personal journey of discovery and personal healing. For me these beautiful traditions were stepping stones to the tradition of the Inca medicine wheel, an ancient way of healing that is as helpful now to people from all walks of life as it has been for thousands of years.

After working for some years for a mental health charity I found myself in the position of losing my job.  This allowed me the time to step into the medicine wheel training that I had been thinking about for a number of years. Sometimes, the universe gives us a ‘nudge’ when we are stuck! It sure did for me. I can say that since then I have hardly ever looked back!

Of all the different therapies, healings, attunments and more that I have received, or learned to give, this path helps people shift so much more easily and so much more sweetly.

Currently I have an individual shamanic healing practice, with local and international clients. I also teach as part of the team on the Spirit of the Inca Medicine Wheel each year. I now also journey to Peru each year and organise spiritual journeys to Peru, adventures for the soul, through Spirit of the Inca.   You can email Joe at : joe@mesamedicine.co.uk   www.mesamedicine.co.uk


Stephanie Davis

I have been consciously engaged in my personal work for the past 25 years, since my mid 30''s. At that time I was feeling overwhelmed, that 'something' was missing or I was missing something.

My first step was to enrol on a Tai Chi course, a practice that has underpinned my lifestyle since and one that led to may 'meetings' and opened me up to venture along new pathways.

I began counselling training in the early 90's, most recent training in 20121, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).  These communication skills have been the foundation of a portfolio of work over time including mediation, trauma support and coaching.

The path to shamanic practitioner, and since, has been varied with many opportunities along the way to gather knowledge, experience and 'pieces' that support the work perfectly:  Sound work with voice, singing bowls and gong, yoga, circle work with women and mixed groups, drumming and creative work, poetry, making drums, drum bags, rattles, medicine shields, beading and felting.

Joining the training was a turning point in my life. As i stepped into something new so did those around me. It was a time of deep learning, during which I was fully supported by the practices of this medicine wheel.  As i have stepped deeper into the work i have come to a place that enables me to support others now. All these gifts, the people I share them with, contributed to my journey on the wheel, one that deepens with every turn.

You can email Steph on: stephdavis_54@yahoo.co.uk


Liz Brown

I joined the Medicine Wheel training in 2011 and feel so much gratitude for this powerful, profound and beautiful tradition. It's an honour and a privilege to be part of the Spirit of the Inca teaching team.  I connected with the shaman of our liineage in Peru for the first time in 2004. This work has been the strongest crucible for my own evolutionary journey, and has taught me powerful processes that I use myself and share with others. 

It's been my experience that the teachings and healing tools of this lineage can create space and opportunity to see and release patterns and beliefs about ourselves that may have once helped us but now bind us to them. As we become less held and limited by our past, we welcome and remember within ourselves resources and capacities that allow us to step more fully into life.

My journey began in the early 1990's when I began practicing yoga from a library book, prompted by a desire to do something "meaningful". More details about my work (which includes yoga, TRE, Zero Balancing bodywork, and Reiki) are available on my website www.elizabethbrown.co.uk;     you can contact Liz by email :  liz@elizabethbrown.co.uk


Sandra Page

As a child I spent my time outside singing to the wind as she called to me, dancing to her many voices. The trees spoke to me, and the mountain spirit of the extinct volcano that I lived near to stood as a guardian, a wise and powerful spirit.  At the age of 11 I experienced abuse.  I became like a ghost, keeping secrets.  Add to this 20 years of violence and I was lost.

However, I carried within me the memory of that little girl,  remembering how I would run across open meadows in the darkness never falling, and I trusted and I knew that if I could find her I would return to the magical world of my childhood.  And so it was that I began my search; singing, dancing, painting and looking for the connection to the sacred. 

Then one day, during a sweat lodge ceremony I was lifted out of my body and found myself at the edge of a great lake. A woman spoke to me saying "you have waited long, but you must go on" . In an ecstatic moment I was lifted higher still and found myself looking down at our planet. The higher I went the more ecstatic I became.  I looked down at my body and could see only light where my heart would be. I cannot put into words the joy that I was experiencing. I heard a voice that told me that this is the light of our soul that links us all to Great Spirit.  That this light lives within us all and I was to take this message  back to earth and share it.

I returned to my body and found myself in an altered state for 3 days. I knew that I had glimpsed something so beautiful,  I asked to find a way to visit this place again.  Soon after,  I had a dream where I found myself on the top of a mountain, surrounded by green lush valleys with an overwhelming sense of coming home.  Several weeks later I opened a magazine and found a picture of my dream, high in the Andes, and an article that described this medicine path.  This is how I met Chris Waters in 2006, and began my journey with this medicine.  I landed in Peru in 2014 visiting with that very same mountain!

I have worked in the field of substance misuse for ten years leading groups in finding their way back home.  I teach drawing and painting, studied neuro linguistic programming and have led womens groups, dancing, rediscovering the goddess within.

It is such a gift to be part of the teaching team for Spirit of the Inca medicine wheel training.  
I also give shamanic healing sessions by phone, skype and in person.  I welcome any enquiries and am happy to share the wisdom of this path.

You can email Sandra at:  sandra.page8@btinternet.com


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